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Cadeceus And Black Sal Pink Vinyl LP

Image of Cadeceus And Black Sal Pink Vinyl LP

£8.99 - On Sale

Vinylization of our out-of-print CDR catalogue has this amped-up mindbender from 2007... yes, the one with the cute little doggies on the cover. Except now they're on the label and the vinyl is pink. And there is no cover, just a PVC bag so it matches the Red Culture reissue.
One side featuring a thick dinner of swirling tambouras, electric sitars and synths blasting out of tiny battery amp speakers wrapped in buzzing tinfoil (a description of the methodology here and not just the sound!). One side of clubfooted samba rhythms and twin guitar sustain overload which offers a key as to why Ashtray Navigations' set at Thurston's ATP a few years ago was roundly condemned as "Santana" in certain circles. Ashtray at its heaviest and most monolithic, so, business as usual